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Unfortunately, due to a change in my circumstances, the startup programs database here at will no longer be updated and the off-line downloads are no longer available. The version at Pacman's Portal will, however, continue to be updated and it's recommended that you refer to that site for more up to date information. The reason for this change in policy cannot be disclosed at this time but I hope you have enjoyed using the database here and thank you for your support and kind comments over the years.

Paul Collins

If you're frustrated with the time it takes your Windows 7/Vista/XP PC to boot and then it seems to be running slowly you may have too many programs running at start-up - and you have come to the right place to identify them. This is the original startup programs (as opposed to processes/tasks) list - one of the most accurate and comprehensive. Services are not included - see below. The database is mirrored in a slightly different format at Pacman's Portal.

"Name or Startup Item" in the table below refers to how an entry is displayed in MSConfig, Windows Defender or the registry "Run" keys. "Command or Data" refers to the program the entry runs. For further information on this and how to identify and disable startup programs you may want to also visit this page.

For further information on random startup entries please visit the Startups Info page.

Last update :- 29th July, 2011
24133 items listed

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Name or Startup ItemStatusCommand or DataDescriptionTested?
WinFast ScheduleUWfwiz.exeLeadtek WinFast TV tuner scheduler and remote control driver - required if you use the latterNo adware downloaderNo
WinFax PRO ControllerNWFXCTL32.EXEFrom WinFax 10.0 and possibly earlier versions. Appears if you chose to have WinFax appear in the taskbar (System Tray) during installation and displays a yellow fax/telephone icon. Available via Start -> ProgramsNo
WinFaxAppPortStarterYwfxsnt40.exeWinFax 10.0 and maybe earlier versions. Used to initiate the WinFax port to enable printing to the WinFax printer (send a fax) from any application.No
winFileXwinFile.exeAdded by the BANKER-FDB TROJAN!No
WinFireXWF.exeAdded by the DELF-SY TROJAN!No
WinFixer 2005Xwfx5.exeWinFixer 2005 web installer - "foistware", pretending to be system optimization, protection and recovery software - stealth installed, removal instructions hereNo
WinFixer helperXwfxcwr.exeWinFixer web installer - "foistware", pretending to be system optimization, protection and recovery software - stealth installed, see hereNo
WinFlyer32.dllXWinFlyer32.dllAdded by the WINFLYER TROJAN!No
winfontXwinfont.exeAdded by the DEATH TROJAN!No
winformXwinform.exeAdded by the PWS-ALB TROJAN!No
WinFoxV2UWF2K.EXESystem Tray application that starts up the Winfox utility for a Leadtek Winfast graphics card to restore settings. Can be started manually via Start → Control Panel → Display. Only needed if you wish to run things like the hardware monitor or overclock your cardNo
WinGate Engine MonitorUwgengmon.exeWinGate Internet Client Dialup Monitor - component of WinGate proxy server software. Displays the status of the WinGate engine, and appears in the system tray of each workstation on the network reassuring clients that their workstations have connectivity with the WinGate Server No
WinGate initializeXWinGate.exeAdded by the LOVGATE.F WORM!No
wingerver2.0.exeXwingerver2.0.exeAdded by the GRAYBRD-AE TROJAN!No
wingoXwingo.exeAdded by the BEAGLE.AW or BEAGLE.AV WORMS! No
WinGuage ProNWGPRO32.EXEPart of McAfee Nuts & Bolts. "WinGauge is a dynamic reporting tool that constantly monitors your use of Windows and your applications, to alert you to potential problems before they become serious". Resource hog. Available via Start -> ProgramsNo
WinguardYWGFE95.EXEDr Solomon's Virex antivirusNo
winguardXwingrd32.exeAdded by a variant of the RBOT WORM!No
WinGuardXwinguard.exeAdded by the AGOBOT-OQ WORM! The file is located in %System%No
WinGuardUWinguard.exeWinguard Popup Remover - pop-up stopper. The file is located in %ProgramFiles%\Winguard Popup RemoverNo
WinGuard ProUwgp.exeWinguard ProNo
winguard2XWinGuard2Up.exeWinGuard rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions hereNo
WinhelpXwinhe1p.exeAdded by the QQPASS.E TROJAN!No
WinHelpXWinHelp.exeAdded by the LOVGATE.F WORM! Note - this file is located in %System% whereas the valid one is located in %Windir%No
winhlp.exeXwinhlp.exeAdded by the FORMGLIEDER TROJAN!No
winhlp3.exeXwinhlp3.exeAdded by a variant of the EASTO.A TROJAN!No
Winhlp32XWscript.exe Msexec32.vbsAdded by the GANT.B WORM! Note that wscript.exe is a legitimate Microsoft file used to launch script files and shouldn't be deleted. The "Msexec32.vbs" file is found in %System%No
winhlp32.exeXwinhlp32.exeAdded by the EASTO.A TROJAN! Note - do not confuse with the legitimate Windows Help (winhlp32.exe) file which is found in %Windir%. This one is found in the "Downloaded Program Files" sub-directoryNo
winhlpp32.exeXwinhlpp32.exeAdded by the GAOBOT.SY WORM!No
WinhostXwintt.exeAdded by the LOLAWEB.B TROJAN!No
WinhostXwin.exeAdded by the DLOADER-AP TROJAN!No
WinhostXwinhost.exeAdded by the REATLE.F WORM!No
winhost.exeXwinhost.exeAdded by the LOHAV-R TROJAN!No
Winhost1Xwinhost.exeAdded by the DELF-JL BACKDOOR!No
Winhost2Xwinhost.exeAdded by the DELF-JL BACKDOOR!No
winhost32.exeXwinhost32.exeAdded by the TABDIM TROJAN!No
WinHoundXWinHound.exeWinHound rogue security software - not recommendedNo
WiniBlueSoftXWiniBlueSoft.exeWiniBlueSoft rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions here. A member of the WiniGuard familyNo
WinIeRunXwinierun.exeAdded by the RNWATCH-A WORM!No
WiniFighterXWiniFighter.exeWiniFighter rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions here. A member of the WiniGuard familyNo
WinIFixerXWinIFixer.exeWinIFixer rogue security software - not recommended, removal instructions hereNo
WiniGuardXWiniGuard.exeWiniGuard rogue security software - not recommended. There are number of variants in this family sharing the same user interface - see hereNo
winimageXwvsvc.exeAdded by the RBOT.TX WORM!No
wininetXwininet.exeAdded by the STUBBOT-C WORM!No
wininet32Xwininet32.exeAdded by the RAZNEW-A TROJAN!No
wininetdXwininetd.exeAdded by the WINET TROJAN!No
Winini.dllXwinini.vbsAdded by the STARTP-M TROJAN!No
Winini32Xwinini32.exeAdded by the AGOBOT-J WORM!No
wininitXwininit.exeAdded by the WOLLF.16 TROJAN! Note - this is not the legitimate wininit.exe process from Vista/7 which is always located in %System% and should not normally figure in Msconfig/Startup!No
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Notes & Warnings


DISCLAIMER: It is assumed that users are familiar with the operating system they are using and comfortable with making the suggested changes. We will not be held responsible if changes you make cause a system failure.

WARNING: This is NOT a database of tasks/processes taken from Task Manager or the Close Program window (CTRL+ALT+DEL) but a database of startup applications, although you will find some of them listed via this method. Pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL identifies programs that are currently running - not necessarily at startup. For a list of tasks/processes you should try the Process Library from Uniblue, the list at PC Pitstop or one of the many others now available. Therefore, before ending a task/process via CTRL+ALT+DEL just because it has an "X" recommendation, please check whether it's in MSConfig or the registry first. An example would be "svchost.exe" - which doesn't appear in either under normal conditions but does via CTRL+ALT+DEL. If in doubt, don't do anything.

To avoid the database becoming too large, all virus entries are only shown using the registry version which is common to all Windows versions. Otherwise there would be multiple entries for popular filenames that viruses often use - such as "svchost" above for example. Multiple viruses can also use the same startup entries, in this case only those with significant differences (such as file location) are repeated in this database.

NOTE: There are a number of virus and malware entries listed in this database where specific removal instructions haven't been given. If this is the case then you could try ComboFix, a program written by sUBs that can remove many different types of Trojans and Worms. See here for a tutorial on how to use the program

IMPORTANT: A number of entries are repeated due to the way that different operating systems display startup items. For example, WinMe lists "POPROXY.EXE" as "Norton eMail Protect" in both MSCONFIG and the registry whereas WinXP lists it as "Poproxy" in MSCONFIG and "Norton eMail Protect" in the registry.

SERVICES: "Services" from the NT/2K/XP/Vista/7 operating systems are not included. I fully understand that some programs with these OS's use "Services" as an alternative to load their component parts at startup but these are handled in a different way. We recommend you try BlackViper for information on services for the relevant operating systems.


If you're looking for a startup manager then why not try Spybot - Search & Destroy (by Safer Networking Ltd) as the startup programs section (select the Advanced mode) includes descriptions from this database. You might also want to try their RunAlyzer and FileAlyzer tools.

As there are more than 10,000 entries in this database related to viruses, trojans, worms and other malware we recommend you use a quality internet security package. Which ever you choose, keep it updated.

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